6 tips for beautiful skin

It’s n too late to acquire habits that will help to enjoy a clean and healthy facial skin. Here are 6 tips how to behave in order to get rid of acne.

1. Eat more vegetables for lunch.

Vegetables helps remove toxins from the body. High levels of toxins in the body can cause acne and eating vegetables is the best way to cleanse your body from toxins. The best choice is making a spinach, carrot and green vegetable cocktail.

2. Thoroughly clean your skin.

We are talking not only about make-up. No matter how tired you are in the evening, be sure to take care of your face, if you want to enjoy a bright and soft skin on a daily basis. Remove your makeup, thoroughly cleanse your face with water, use a foam or an oil-based cleanser (depending on your skin type).

3. Do not forget to hydrate.

Even if you drink a lot of fluids, your skin may need extra help sometimes. Moisturizing before going to bed is very important to have a healthy and bright skin.

4. Go to bed without your phone.

Leave your cell phone behind if you are going so sleep. A phone accumulates tons of bacteria that can become a cause of acne.

5. Sleep is very important.

Lack of sleep may also be the cause of acne. You can sleep in every night after 8 hours but still feel tired. And so you will your skin feel. Try to go to bet at least before 11 p.m. If it is difficult, try it at least occasionally.

6. Use a silk pillow cases.

Silk not only helps to fight acne, it also reduces formation of wrinkles. Change your pillowcases more often. No matter how thoroughly you clean your face, there will always be bacteria.

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