7 reasons why you should go to sleep earlier

1. The earlier you go to sleep the quicker… you lose weight

People who got to sleep late and get up late use more calories even when they are not hungry. Late at night your body goes into a calorie burning and energy storing mode. So if you eat more at night, weight will grow faster than if you eat the same amount of food a bit earlier. Besides, if you snack at night, it is very likely that you won’t want your breakfast. It will lead to having more snakcks during the day.

2. You will sleep better.

You can try to convince that you are the most productive during midnight, but that is not true. Actually, this only makes you to sleep harder and harder. The earlier you manage to go to bed, the better sleep you have.

3. Morning is more productive.

Specialists claim that there is no person who is biologically created to wake up late. If you wake up earlier you will have more energy during entire day so you will be able to complete works faster. This means you will have more time!

4. You will have a healthier heart.

According to Japanese studies, people who go to sleep after midnight are more likely to suffer from arterial vascular stiffening.

5. You will consume less alcohol

If you are not an abstinent, you will probably agree that the earlier you go to bed, the less likely you will have any drinks. Usually we have a glass of wine or a cocktail only if we plan to stay up longer. If you go to sleep earlier you will not have this chance. Less alcohol is certainly a big favor for your health.

6. More effective work out

It is scientifically proved that sportsmen who were sleeping not less than 10 hours per day for 6 weeks had better training results than those who were sleeping for less hours.

7. You will need less caffeine.

Some people drink coffee just to manage with drowsy and then have difficulties to go to sleep as the ystill feel the effect of coffee. Caffeine stays active in your body for 10 hours after consumption. Try to refuse coffee in the afternoon and maybe the next morning you will be able to say if it was worth it.


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