Beetroot Juice for brain health

Beetroot juice is one of the most useful sources to improve the health of our heart. Additionally, beetroots have also been admitted to help to improve blood flow to the brain and protect against dementia. Causing weakness of intellect like memory loss, orientation and perception problems, this disease occurs when vulnerable brain cells die. Dementia has been noticed to affect more and more people these days.

As reports, researchers have previously carried out several detailed studies that all have shown that beetroot juice can reduce blood pressure and also increase blood flow to the brain. Beetroots have lots of nitrates that additionally are converted by human’s body to nitrites known to help to expand blood vessels and increase blood flow.

Researchers have studied 14 people who were 70 years old or more. Half of the subjects had been receiving high quantity of nitrates with their breakfast, including nearly half a liter of red beet juice, while the others had got only a minimum amount of nitrates. After the brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test, both groups of participants had the opposite breakfast to have the brain MRI again.

This research has revealed the fact that the blood supply to the brain is closely associated with a nitrate-rich food. Those participants who had received a greater amount of beetroot juice had the better results.
British scientists have also determined that drinking beetroot juice increases stamina because nitrates reduce oxygen intake, which makes all exercising processes easier. So, that’s why beetroot juice can help not only for athletes but also for people with cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic diseases.

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