Concentration can be improved by eating proper foods

Healthy living is becoming a part of everyday life. All kinds of ailments are first of all tried to be solved by choosing the right foods and exercising regulary. Maintaining healthy brain can also be done by choosing proper foods that are called “smart” foods.

Unfortunatelly, food is not able to change your mind or to add intelligence, however, certain substances can boost your energy and help you to focus. One of the best known magic substances that makes you feel awake is caffeine. Coffee, chocolate and energy drinks create a short-time concentration which is still found useful, for example, if you need to study hard before exam or just to feel fresh and focused for any other reason. However, you shouldn’t forget that overdoing will create an opossite effect and cause tons of negative impacts.

Another product that is considered to be food for brain is very surprising. Most of the times it is incuded to the lists of foods to be avoided. Anyway, it has some possitive sides as well. This other magic product is sugar. Sugar contains glucose that can boost your memory and thinking processes. That’s another way of getting a short-term effect. Just like caffeine, sugar has to be consumed in small amounts in order not to experience any negative sides of it.

Good news for the lovers of chocolate. Dark chocolate is known for its antioxidant properties that also enhance concentration. The same can be said about nuts and seeds that contains vitamin E. Don’t forget that nuts and chocolate have lots of calories so they should be eaten in proper portions.

Another brain-friendly food is blueberries. A research in rat has shown that blueberries reduce the effect of brain ageing as older rats that were given blueberries became equivalent to younger rats.

Finally, don’t forget adding fish to your diet. Fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that has a magic power to your brains. It will not only enhance your memory but also prevent from stroke or dementia.

Enrich your life with these products and you will soon notice the difference.

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