24 good reasons to start working out

Sport is becoming very useful and fun trend. More and more people are starting to work out not only to embellish their body lines, but also to improve their health, spend quality leisure time, enhance endurance and to keep a good mood. If you are not working out yet, here are 24 causes that will help you to believe that running shoes, basketball or a bike provide much more happiness and help to relax much better than a sofa, a TV and a packet of potato chips.
1. Exercising produce happiness hormones – endorphins.
2. Sport builds will, power and determination.
3. Stronger body guarantees more self-confidence.
4. Exercising is trendy.
5. Sports make us understand that we are capable of what we think is too hard for us.
6. Sports significantly delay aging.
7. Daily physical activity enhances health.
8. Sport is the best tool for stress reduction.
9. Sports significantly expand physical abilities.
10. Exercising can help you to find like-minded friends.
11. Sport cleans and purifies bad thoughts.
12. Sport helps to stick to normal daily routine.
13. Sport helps to overcome body pains.
14. Athletes parents show a good example for their children.
15. Choosing a right sport, it becomes a pleasant way of spending leisure time.
16. Sport positively affects sexual life.
17. Team sports or group activities can become a custom for friends or family members’, which helps to maintain close relationships and strengthen friendships.
18. A variety of sports provides the opportunity to try new things and gain new skills.
19. Modern sportswear is particularly beautiful.
20. Getting desired results makes us feel proud of ourselves.
21. There are dozens of free, public parks where exercising is less expensive.
22. People who work out are always in a better mood, and have a more positive look on life.
23. Sport improves endurance.
25. Sport harmonizes body and mind.

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