4 tips how to motivate yourself to work out

Advertisements of gyms are screaming that you had to start working out yesterday or in the worst case today. So is it already too late? Here are 4 tips how to motivate yourself to start exercising.

  1. A beautiful sportswear. This is a great motivation, especially for women. Also if you spend money on nice gym gear, you will feel guily not to use it.
  2. Unpleasant sensations in the body is the reason to start exercising rather than lie down on the couch. When I started attending yoga, I had no interest in endorphins that bing pleasure, I just wanted to get rid of unbearable tension of shoulder and back pain. If you feel similar, maybe it is time for you to start exercising too.
  3. Working out should bring joy. Do you like dancing? Why don’t you try zumba, step and aerobics, instead of lifting weights? You will be much more consistent if you do things that are pleasant for you.
  4. Do it again, if you failed once. Summer vacation, gym renovation, changes in personal life and similar things can easily erase sports routines from your life. Do not take it as failing. Just get ready and start all over again.

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