7 rules if you want to exercise regularly

Here are 7 basic rules which you must follow if you want to start exercising regularly and enjoy your workout routines

  1. Set yourself a goal and always remember about it.
  2. Warm-up. Before you start your workout, take a 3-5 minutes to warm-up. Walking, jogging or cycling are really good choices.After warming up,your body will be ready for the workout and the training will be more effective.
  3. Involve your friends. Exercise together with a partner- it’s wonderful and much easier since you can always motivate each other to keep going. In addition, you will have some healthy competition which will help you to reach your goal faster.
  4. Consistency. Select a training program and make sure you stay consistent with it.
  5. Music. Music plays a very important role.Several energetic tunes can be a great motivational tool to help keep the workout intense.
  6. Rest. Allow your body to rest and recuperate. Make sure you don’t exercise at least-one day a week.
  7. Water. Drink enough of water. Avoid caffeine if you can live without it.

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