How much should you drink when you are working out?

Oxygen and water are the two most necessary elements for our body. If you work out, it is even more important to drink enough of water before your workout, during and after it. Insufficient consumption of water complicates work of your body, it makes your workouts less effective and may even be hazardous to health. However, too much water is also harmful.

So, how much should you drink, when and what? The answer may differ depending on your body weight, workout duration and intensity, temperature of your gym, etc. So giving unequivocal answer would be unfair, inefficient and sometimes even dangerous. The good news is that if training takes about an hour and you do not do it under extreme conditions, preventing dehydration is not difficult.

A healthy man may get rid of 800-1000 ml of water during a moderate workout of one hour. It may look like hard sweating, but it is not enough to disturb your health. Water regulates body temperature, prevents dehydration during training, but not to drink much more than you get rid while sweating. One of the easiest ways to check it is weigh before and after exercising. The difference in weight before and after a workout is the amount of water you should drink during your workout.

It is impossible to provide water consumption recommendations for each person, but general recommendations are as follows:

How much and when to drink?

At least 15 minutes before your workout: 200-400 ml

Training time: 100-200 ml every 15-20 minutes

After the workout: as much milliliters of water, as many grams of your weight has dropped. That is, if after a workout your weigh differs in one kilogram, you should drink one liter of water.

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