How to motivate yourself to go jogging?

Even if you have already managed to like jogging, the time will come when it will be difficult to remain motivated. Even the most experienced runners lose motivation sometimes. For the first few months it may be difficult to keep going because of adjusting to the new routine. Over time you will see that jogging is not only physical, but also a mental exercise. So, by consciously strengthening the desire to jog, eventually you will become a successful runner.

Motivation can go away for many reasons. Maybe you got disappointed by a slow progress or you do not see the changes as you expected. You may also think that jogging takes a lot of your time, so other areas of life suffer. Even bad weather can discourage jogging.

First of all, we must remember that missing one or two workouts is not necessarily a problem. Well, that allows your body to recover. But at the same time it is important to ensure that this would not become an excuse. Take a look at the reasons why you started jogging. It doesn’t matter whether it was the desire to lose weight, improve physical fitness or reduce stress. If the jogging does not implement these goals, ask yourself why. For example, if you wanted to lose weight but you cannot, perhaps you get more calories than you burn during a workout.

Here are some tips how to get a quick motivation:
• Jog with other people.
• Set a quickly achievable goal, for example, improving the previous day’s running time.
• Reward yourself. Eat your favorite dessert or enjoy a long bath.
• Purchase some new clothes for jogging.
• Jog with music.
• Go for a run at least for a short while. Chances are that you want to extend your workout.

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