Why everyone should exercise?

Scientific researches have shown that physical activity stimulates secretion of serotonin (happiness hormone), exercising has a positive effect on the development of human intelligence, and it increases self-confidence. In addition, exercising strengthens your immune system.

Many know that physical activity is beneficial, but not many people know how much useful it is. A lot of people know that physical activity accelerates metabolism and strengthens muscles, but not many knows that exercising directly affects our mood, work capacity, and helps to be more confident. If you don’t put all your attention to the fact that a working out will help you to build a beautiful body and think more underline other things, psychologically it would be easier to motivate yourself and work out regularly.

How does physical activity help?

Physical activity reduces anxiety, depression, and improves sleep. When these symptoms are gone, a person begins to communicate more, they are more satisfied with themselves, so there is no desire to “eat” your negative emotions, and you snack less. Exercising is a natural anti-depressant, it is a medicine from many heart ailments. Scientists have proved that people who do not exercise are more prone to suffer from various mental, cardiovascular and other diseases.

Physical activity and motivation

It is very important to prepare a schedule to keep the motivation. You can create an agenda of one or more weeks, and mark when you do any physical activity. It is very important to have someone to whom you can tell about your achievements and challenges. This can be a family member, a friend or a coach. Motivation for sport will be growing, if your followers will see your results. You can become a good example for your friends and family members.

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