Forget excuses and start exercising!

Everyone knows how beneficial the sport is. Physical activity not only helps to burn extra calories or highlight the muscles, but also improves our health and mood. Regular sport reduces the risk of heart diseases, depression and even cancer. It gives you energy, strength and freshness. However, many people find excuses why they are not physically active. Some of them say that exercising is boring or dangerous because of sport injuries, while others swear that they are too busy to find time or declare that they are simply lazy.

So, what if you realize that your body needs some movement, but you still you can’t do anything to take up sports?

If you are bored of taking physical activity, look for the one that gives you fun and enjoyment. Maybe you would love swimming in the pool or jogging with your dog? However, if the pool is too far away from home or you have a cat instead of the dog, think about meeting your friends on weekend to play tennis or just going for a walk more often. Keep in mind that in order to be active you don’t need going to gym!

If you have another excuse – lack of time, throw that idea out of your head. Thinking that you can only exercise in the morning when you have to be at work is wrong because time of the day does not even matter for physical activity. Regular exercise on the most convenient time of the day is the best thing.

If you’re among those who have been attending gym but lost motivation because of the bad results, try again. This time you should start writing a special sports diary with notes how much exercise did you take and how did you feel before and after sports. You’ll be able to clearly see the results and progress and won’t rely on intuition only. Knowing that you will have more motivation to continue what you have started.

If you are among those who lose the interest very quickly, choose a variety. There is no need to do the same exercises every day and exercise without rest and relax.

Remember, sport should be fun and suitable for everyone!

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