4 products that cause skin aging

Nutritionists claim that whatever you put in your mouth, affects your skin in one way or another. If you have some treats just from time to time, they will not age your skin through the night, but if your diet is poor permanantly, it can appreciably damage your skin. Here are 4 products that will make your skin look older than you really are.


Frequent consumption of sugar can lead to aging process called glycation. When you eat a lot of sweets, the excess sugar molecules bind to proteins and create advanced glycation products, infringing skin collagen. In addition, sugar is bad for your teeth. Dentists advise rinsing your mouth each time after eating something sweet.


Healthy liver equals to beautiful skin. If your liver functions well, the toxins are removed from the body with no problems. The use of alcohol causes liver malfunction and toxins becomes hard to remove which cause a lot of skin problems. Consumption of alcohol also disturbs your sleep and remove a lot of fluids from the body.

Salty foods

If you cook without salt, it does not mean that your food is healthy, as a lot of products that we buy in stores already have a lot of salt. Make sure you read the lables in limit the amount of salt you eat.

Smoked meat

Ham, sausages and other smokes meats are rich in preservatives causing skin inflammation and aging. The salt in smoked products can make your face look swollen. In addition, processed meat increases the risk of cancer.

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