Products that mostly contribute to aging

We look the way we feel. No matter how it sounds, the way we look depends mostly on what we eat. Skin condition depends not only on your lifestyle, daily routine, recreation, regular skin care, but also on your eating habits.

Studies have shown salty food contributes the most to skin aging. Salt also raises blood pressure, which affects production of collagen, which reduces skin elasticity and stiffness. As a consequence, we get more wrinkles.

Sweet food increases the level of insulin in the blood, leading to constriction of blood vessels of the skin. Sweet food may also increase the chance of inflammation in the skin.

Coffee and alcohol are also known for damaging your skin. These products cause dehydration, and you will mostly notice that because of your dry skin. As you may know, dry skin is much more prone to wrinkles.

Baguettes, croissants, pasta and other products that contain white flour are also known for having bad effects on your skin. They also interfere with the production of collagen.

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