Healthy eyes and computer

Today we live in an age of technologies and computers play a very important role in our lives. Most of the people are constantly working with computers. Even now, reading this article you are looking at computer screen.
In order to keep your eyes healthy you should follow a few rules related to work hours at the computer, place where your computer is, etc.

  • Do not forget to ventilate premises where you work. It is recommended to do it eveery hour for a few minutes.
  • After each hour of work with computer, have a break of 10 minutes. Never work longer than 2 hours without making breaks. Do not read or plague your eyes in any other way.
  • Take care of the monitor of your computer. It has to be clean and free of stains and dust. If you wear glasses, make sure to keep them clean too.
  • When you work with some text, choose the darkes text color. The background should be as light as possible (ideally, black text with white background). Small font is also bad for your eyes. It’s recommended to increase the document you read for 150% and more if needed.
  • Every 20-30 minutes look at the most distant object in the room or any object outside.
  • Try to blink more often, so that your eyes wouldn’t dry out.
  • If you feel exhausted and tired, avoid working with computer. When you relax, you will do all your tasks more efficiently.
  • Follow these rules and you will enjoy much healthier eyes.

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