How to avoid increased sweating?

Sweating is a natural process of the body, which helps control body’s temperature and eliminate toxins. Unfortunately, this process may cause daily discomfort for both men and women. It turns out that increased sweating can be caused by a variety of casual factors, such as diet or the clothes you wear. So how to avoid increased sweating and unpleasant odor?

Regular hygiene. Unpleasant smell of sweat is caused by bacteria on the skin, so in order to avoid this, it is necessary to follow regular hygiene. Take a shower in the morning and in the evening, and let your body to dry completely before dressing. Avoid synthetic fabrics and natural cotton or silk clothing instead.

Balanced diet. Did you know that an unbalanced diet can be one of the causes of increased sweating? It turns out that eating chocolate, drinking coffee and tea, as well as eating products like onions or garlic, stimulate body’s sweating. To avoid increased sweating, it is advisable to follow a balanced diet and never exaggerate with caffeine and spicy products, as well as provide your body with all necessary minerals and vitamins.

Deodorant or antiperspirant? Many people use deodorant products daily to avoid unpleasant smell of sweat. But did you know the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant? Conventional deodorants contain alcohol and scents, which help prevent the unpleasant smell of sweat. Meanwhile, antiperspirants help control intensity of sweating. Antiperspirants help maintain freshness longer.

Do you use your antiperspirant correctly? It is recommended to use deodorants and antiperspirants after a shower or bath. They should be used on dry and clean skin in order to ensure the best effect and prevent perspiration and unpleasant odor. If you use it on a dirty or sweaty skin, you will not get a desired effect. In this case, it is recommended to wash the skin, wipe it off with a dry towel and apply or spray antiperspirant.

Active lifestyle. If you lifestyle is active, your body releases heat and begins to sweat, especially if you are not accustomed to regularly move. To avoid excessive sweating and sweat stains on your clothes, make sure you exercise regularly. Do not forget to drink a sufficient amount of water. After intense physical activity, take a shower.

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