How to take supplements?

Is it true that all necessary vitamins that you need can be received from food? Unfortunately, it’s not always so. That’s why we can find so many different supplements in the small bottles and packages on the shelves of pharmacy. Whatever vitamins you choose, the most important is to know how to use them in order to get maximum benefit for your body.

Take your vitamins in the morning together with your breakfast. Morning is a perfect time for vitamins as your body is waking up and gets ready to be active. Extra reinforcement will only optimize awakening. As some of the vitamins are soluble in fat and others in water, after you it, your body will be a perfect place to assimilate every single vitamin.

Don’t forget to consult your doctor before buying vitamins. It’s a kind of medication, so advice of a specialist is necessary. The overdose of vitamins is not less dangerous than a lack of them. Synthetic and natural vitamins are very different. If you are not sure if your body needs those vitamins, it’s not recommended to take them. If you have a perfectly balanced diet, it’s not recommended to have any supplements at all.

Keep your vitamins in a proper place. Usually, supplements just like any kind of medications must be stored in a cool, dark place. Don’t keep them in a kitchen. It’s a hot and humid place and vitamins can be damaged. Besides, children are very likely to find them here.

Drink still water with your vitamins. Never drink milk, carbonated water, tea or coffee. These drinks may reduce the activity of all active substances.


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