Natural supplements for hair growth

Hair is one of the indicators of heathy body. Every girl dreams of long and shiny hair. Most hair grows approximately 6 inches per year. The length can vary because of genetics and other factors, such as climate, age and especially diet.

A protein-rich diet is essential in order to make your hair grow long and healthy. Eggs, fish, meat, poultry, beans, yogurt, cheese and other diary products should be included in your every day menu. Another good source of proteins is nuts, seeds and grains.

Don’t forget to drink green tea. Green tea contains polyphenol catechins that block a certain enzyme sparking male hair loss. Besides, it soothes the scalp and in this way promotes hair growth. To have an even better effect you can rinse your hair with green tea each time you wash it.

Polyphenols found in apples are not only good antioxidants but also have a huge effect on your hair growth. The apple extract also lead to grape and grape seeds extract, which were promoted as the means to maintain your hair growth.

Lots of shampoos include nettle extracts. This herb can be used on it own as well. Leaves of young nettle must be parboiled with water and when such tea cools down it can be used for rinsing your hair.

One more important factor for the hair to grow long is a condition of your scalp. If the skin of your scalp is dry and/or you have dandruff, jojoba oil is a great help. It can be used for the scalp massage or instead of any processed oil you use for your hair treatment.


Few more tips to improve your hair growth:

1. Eliminate caffeine and carbonated sodas from your diet.

2. Quit smoking.

3. Avoid using sugar and fat.

4. Get plenty of sleep for your body to rest and alow it grow your hair.

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