Numerous health benefits of honey

Natural honey is a real treasure, no matter if we talk from either nutritional or medical point of view. It has a long list of vitamins and minerals and can be effectively used as a medical treatment. After many researches, doctors have revealed that honey enhances the calcium absorption, may also increase hemoglobin level what effectively prevents anemia and helps to avoid various types of infections. Honey has been also proved to reduce pain, have beneficial effect on insomnia and act as disincentive mean. So, where exactly and how you can use honey?

Burns: Honey is an excellent treatment to chill burned wounds, block the pain and encourage healing processes without any scars left. In addition, honey stops bacteria and their reproduction.

Insomnia: Teaspoon of honey before going to bed will help your children to eliminate fears. Besides, if you want to improve your sleep or get rid of insomnia as well, drink a dessert spoon of honey mixed with warm milk.

Hyperactivity: Replace sugar with honey, it produces energy slower.

Nasal congestion: Put a dessert spoon of honey into warm water and bring this mixture to boil. Then cover your head with a towel to breathe the steam coming through your nose.

Face peel: Mix equal parts of honey and oat flour until you get light, smooth and creamy looking mixture. Then rub your skin gently and don’t forget to wash! This is an excellent remedy to remove blackheads out of your face and minimize pores.

Indigestion: Mix honey with equal parts of apple vinegar and water and drink in small quantities daily. By the way, this recipe may also help you lose weight.

Hair Conditioner: Mix honey with olive oil and spread this mask on your hair. Then cover your head with warm towel and wait for a half an hour at least. It is good not only for your hair but for scalp also.

Sore throat: If you suffer from sore throat, chew a teaspoon of honey.

Anemia: Honey is an excellent remedy for that. Remember, the darker it is, more vitamins and minerals it has.

Durability: It turns out those people who live long are honey lovers. In addition, it has been revealed that they also suffer from arthritis and cancer less and usually are in better mood.

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