Real effects of energy drinks

A quick speed of time makes us use extra means in order to to keep our energy level high and have power to work for as many hours as possible. We shouldn’t forget the fact that after the work is over, many people want to relax and have some fun. This kind of lifestyle make lots of people to look for the ways to stay awake and attentive all the time. When it comes to parties, it is more and more popular to drink alcoholic energy drinks which not only helps you to relax but also contain lots of other ingredients that are a topic of discusions for the scientist for many years.

Taurine, guarana, ginko, ginsend are the names that you often find of the labels of energy drinks. One more ingredient that must be mentioned is caffeine as it’s one of the two main drinks’ ingrediants consisting in energy drinks. Lets shortly brief couple of these components.

Taurine is known as a natural amino acid that is responsible for the physiological functions in brain, heart, liver or a central nervous system. You should beware that taurine may cause heart failure, diabetes and other illnesses.

Guarana is a berry of South Africa that is considered to be a natural source of caffeine. However, remember that too big amounts of caffeine is very dangerous for your health too.

This only proves that having energy drinks is becoming a bad habit and you should really use them only in emergency cases. Pay attention that a combination of caffeine and alcohol is not the most perfect one. Even though such drinks help you to stay awake for longer time, usually doesn’t cause headaches what is really common while drinking regular drinks, they have tons of side effects. For example, feeling strong and awake while being drunk, pose risk to start driving drunk.

Make sure to look the label of the product you buy and look for healthy options.

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