Relax with Head Massage

Where is the secret that almost all women love visiting their hairdressers, and some of them even manage to fall asleep when sitting in their chair? Besides, why even the naughtiest girl sits still and waits until her mother combs her hair? In fact, there is no miracle and the secret is simple – head massage. It needs any special equipment or tools, people don’t have to undress or lie down and even the other person is not required! However, benefits of head massage are great!

The most important benefit you get from head massage is an improved blood flow to the head tissues. Circulation becomes more active and additionally hair bulbs are supplied with nutrients and oxygen. So, that’s why head massage is admitted to decrease hair loss and stimulate their growth. Besides, with a help of massage you can eliminate or at least tone down a headache, noise in your head and even reduce blood pressure.

In ancient India, mothers often combed hair for their daughters and they believed that this encourages the growth, shine and good looks for them. However, hair were shining probably because of the head massage which was done unnoticeably when combing.

So, how to do this properly? Hundreds of books are full of descriptions and professional recommendations, but after all, the essence of head massage is the same – it’s the art of your hands. The most important thing in massaging is that it would be nice, so doing it for yourself is easier because you know what you like. If someone else is going to grant you with a head massage, don’t be afraid to tell how gently and where exactly you would like to be touched.  It is advisable to start from the forehead and gradually move towards the back of the head. Then, use your fingers to massage ears and neck from the back side and finally reach the neck and shoulders. It is advisable to take care of the environment – pleasant scents and soothing music have never disturbed.

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