Do you have bad habits? Some of them can be stopped!

Have you ever slept with a makeup, teeth without being brushed or maybe with your contact lenses? Doctors warn – turned into a habit, laziness can potentially cause serious health problems.

1. Sleeping with a makeup

You will probably remember that feeling, when the only thing you want is to reach your bed as soon as possible and an impressive make-up layer is not important. Unfortunately, when sleeping, make-up clogs your skin pores and when not breathing, skin gets wrinkled and gray.

Solution. If you are exhausted after a busy day or had party, use wet wipes to remove the make-up. Maybe you skin won’t be cleaned perfectly, but you will open the pores and the face will look rested in the morning.

2. Seeping with your contact lenses

If you leave your contacts for all night long, eyes won’t be able to clean themselves. In this case, the less oxygen reaches the cells and that increases the likelihood of infection. In other words, you are simply damaging your eyes and it will be clear by having red eyes even after getting some sleep.

Solution. Be sure you take out your lenses and don’t forget to wash your hands before! In addition, remember that contact lenses should be kept properly – not in a drinking water because it also increases the risk of infection.

 3. Nail biting

You can cause some serious health problems and then, when instead of a manicure done, you start eating your nails. Ninety percent of bacteria usually stay under the nails, so you simply increase the risk of infection.

Solution. If you can’t stop biting, apply your nails with Vaseline. Its unpleasant taste should help you to avoid this habit.

4. Eating fast

Eating fast, almost without chewing, can cause problems related to your digestion. Doctors say that fast eating will additionally increase a possibility of esophagus spasms and will be accompanied by another discomfort – heartburn.

Solution. Find some time to sit down and eat quietly, not in front of TV! It was also revealed that people watching at what they are eating get on average 150 calories less.

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