Forget bad mood – let the autumn inside your home!

When autumn is turning into its second roll and days unnoticeably become cooler and shorter, we more often stay at home. Make them cozier to forget all these autumn inspired bad feelings and doubts! Here some tips how to do it easily.

Change the bedding. When weather becomes chilly, you start thinking about thicker blankets. For bedding, select colors of autumn and cover the bed with a beautiful rug like the one from your grandmother’s attic. You can also buy some fragrant pouches, filled with lavender or other plants, and keep them near the bed – they will make your sleep better.

Find the autumn rugs suitable for the cold season. Thin and light-colored materials are fine for summer, but in autumn they should be changed by knitted wool, plaid or patterned materials and blankets colored by autumn shades – deep red, green, blue, brown or gray. Keep them on sofas, armchairs and bed. This will provide comfort and warmth.

Your mood will become better if you don’t forget photos and pictures. Don’t have such? This is not a problem! It’s only enough to go outside and feel the inspiration for taking some shots. Nature is the main example of beauty, so find your creativity in forest, park or in the city. You will not only relax but will unnoticeably exercise, relax and breathe some fresh air. Finally, find the most beautiful photos, frame them and hang out selected ones everywhere at home. This will create livelier atmosphere.

Autumn fruits and candles will also give some comfort for your home. Choose different fragrant (vanilla, cinnamon, apple flavors) or scentless candles, put them in all rooms and light at least few of them every evening. Trying to create beautiful scenery, don’t forget baskets or jars filled with cranberries, apples, chestnuts and other autumn goods. Pumpkins will remind you about the upcoming winter and what a great food you can prepare of them!

If your house floor is not coated with carpeting or rugs, buy some small ones and spread near your bed, sofa, bathroom or hall. They give warmth and comfort for the whole environment and your feet, of course.

And finally, to forget all these bad thoughts caused by autumn, start reading. Find all forgotten books you’d like to read and keep them on your night table – soon you will see that at least one of them you will start to read. Just imagine: while it’s dark outside and winds are blowing, you spend your evening comfortably covered with a rug, with a book and a cup of tea in your hands.

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