3 main reasons why we want sweets

Could you eat a bar of chocolate in one go? Are you constantly craving for candies? There are three main reasons why we want sweets.

  1. Stress and psychological reasons. Sweets give psychological comfort. After eating sweets we feel better for a few hours because the level of endorphin (happiness hormone) increases. That is why we want sweets. Unfortunately, later endorphin level quickly falls and we may feel depressive. If we eat a lot of sweets in the evening, it is likely to experience the consequences of mood in the morning and then in the evening we will be tempting for sweets again. If you want sweets because of your psychological state, it is recommended to try taking a warm shower  or exercise (go for a walk, go jogging, exercise in the gym, etc) . It is also useful to meditate. Think in advance how you can protect yourself from stress. Remember that stress can increase when we lack B group vitamins, vitamin C and magnesium, so you should always make sure to get these nutrients.
  2. Hunger. Sweets are tempting when we get hungry and our blood glucose level drops down. In this case, you just need to eat normal food. Only when you are no longer starving, and if there is still a need, you can eat a little sweet. After that it is recommended to walk outside or even exercise a little bit. This will not only increase the feeling of satiety, but also accelerate the natural production of happiness hormone endorphin.
  3. Deficiency of nutrients. When people do not eat enough of protein, this often increases the desire to eat sweets. It is a common problem for vegetarians. So it is important that your diet is complete. Cravings for sweets can be also reduced by chromium and omega -3 fatty acids.

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