4 interesting facts about sleep

For many of us sleep is not only physiological need, but also a real pleasure. What do we know about it and what we don’t? National Research Institute of the United States has made many experiments and researches. Here are four interesting facts on the basis of these studies:

  • Women need more sleep than men. However, the difference is not that big – only about 20 minutes.
  • Sleep rejuvenates. Everybody knows that resting has a really positive effect on our appearance. For example, Penelope Cruz is sleeping 14 hours a day and claims that this is the best prevention against dark circles around the eyes.
  • Sleep helps with the hangover. For many of us this is nothing new. The longer you sleep after a party, the better you feel. Just make sure you don’t let your body to dehydrate. Otherwise, thirst will not let you fall asleep.
  • Floral scent improves sleep. Studies have shown that the students, who had a bouquet of flowers on their bedside table, were studying better and their memory has improved significantly. Lavender and jasmine aromas help to relax after a stressful day.

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