4 irreversible mistakes that can damage your eyes if you wear contact lenses

A wonderful invention of mankind. This is what people call contact lenses, especially those who have vision problems. According to them, it does not only help to have a clear view, but it is much more convenient than glasses.

Despite the fact that many people wear contact lenses for a few years, they may be making the same mistakes, which may damage your eyes. Here are advices by doctors that you need to be aware of if you are a contact lens wearer:

  1. Bathing without taking contact lenses. This is one of the biggest mistakes made by almost everyone: regardless of whether you take a shower or bath, soap or shampoo residue may keep irritating your eyes.
  2. Keeping contact lenses in the water. Harmful organisms in the water can damage your eyes. Once on the surface of the eye, they can cause irreparable injury to the cornea. It is precisely for this reason, the lens cannot be washed and stored in water. It is necessary to mention that you should never wash or rinse lens tray with water either. That you have to do with the lens solution and dry it with a clean napkin.
  3. Using one-day lenses for 2 or more days. Some make this mistake because they forget, others because they save. In any case, you should note that, the eye may run out of oxygen, and you will start to see worse or have itchy eyes. It also increases the risk of infections.
  4. Ignoring hygiene. Before inserting and withdrawing contact lenses, it is necessary to wash your hands with soap and water. This minimizes the risk of infections.

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