8 symptoms of lack of sleep

Everybody knows the importance of sleep. If you constantly don’t sleep enough you can suffer from several issues. Here are some of them.

Decreased performance. If you do not sleep enough, you probably notice that your performance at work is much worse than it could be. And it does not matter whether we are talking about physical or mental activity.

Lack of attention. It becomes harder to concentrate and memorize new information and properly perform even routine actions.

Memory impairment. Human brain is similar to a computer. During sleep, it “reboots”, erases and records various information. If you sleep enough, it will not charge enough and you will not work as well as you could.

Decreased resistance to stress. If you constantly lack of sleep, it can becomes very difficult to resist everyday stress.

Dry skin. This is another symptom of not getting enough of sleep.

Frequent cases of getting cold. If you have a chronic lack of sleep, it weakens your immune system and your body’s resistance to colds.

Fat on the stomach. Lack of sleep increases the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, and this has a direct impact on your figure. Resting enough is very important to avoid unnecessary pounds on your belly.

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