Habits that make you overeat

Nowadays, the problem is often not lack of food but too much of it. We are regularly overeating without even knowing about it. This can become a habit, so dealing with the growing kilograms becomes even more difficult. If you want to stop overeating, avoid these mistakes.

The habit of emptying the entire pan. This is not the worst habit, but there is one “but.” Fearing that we will need to throw away food that is left, you will be sure to eat more than it is necessary just to quench hunger. Make it a habit to eat smaller portions, chew longer, and leave the leftovers for another time.

Too many snacks. Fatigue, boredom, thirst does not mean that you need to open the fridge. Snacks should bail out only when you really want to eat. Hide your snacks away, if you want to eat when you see them. You do not need to eat when you feel angry or upset. Instead, take breaks, look for interesting activities, drink more water and avoid a day seated. Move more.

Reduced-fat products. Sauces, oils substitutes, desserts and other similar products are often characterized by a much lower nutritional value than usual. Studies show that people who abuse them eat 50% more food than those who eat conventional products.

Eating as a way to combat stress. Food is a pleasure. However, if you notice that you have started to eat often in order to raise your mood, take a deep breath and ponder what is bothering you. Whatever your bad mood is caused by, eating will not solve it, so look for other ways to combat stress.

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