Pros and cons of salt

There is no clear answer to the question whether salt is useful or harmful. Some say that both salt and sugar are a “white death”. Another theory claims that these two elements are vital for our body.

So why does the majority agree that a normal daily consumption of salt is from 0.5 to 10 g. More than 15 g of salt per day may seriously harm your body. How and why? The bottom line is that salt is directly involved in metabolic processes of your body. Too much of salt keeps body fluids, resulting in swelling, disruption of metabolism and activity of internal organs. If you have kidney problems, diabetes or suffer from high blood pressure, you should use salt very sparingly.

If you cannot imagine your life without salt, try to change it with some natural spices. Curry, turmeric, basil, coriander, oregano, nutmeg, etc. give an exotic flavor and reduce the need for salt.

Despite all these warnings you should remember of advantages of it too. Salt contains useful trace elements (including sodium, that is necessary for your muscles. Complete salt refusal rapidly reduces calcium reserves, so your nails, hair and bones can suffer. Salt deficiency may lead to drowsiness, fatigue and apathy.

After weighing all pros and cons, it is clear the most important is to eat everything in moderation. These same is said about salt. Choose wisely and you will be able to enjoy an amazing life.

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