What food causes the strongest addiction?

After extensive research, scientists from the United States have published a conclusion that certain foods can lead to addiction. The specialists asked volunteers to assess how much they are accustomed to one or another product. So here are some of most “dangerous” products.

Cakes and pastries

According to the dependency scale, these desserts collect 3.26 points. One piece has an average of 500 calories. However, doctors say that pastries should not be abandoned completely. You can eat them, but not whenever you want. It would be the best if you eat them at the first half of the day, for example, after breakfast.

Sweet fizzy drinks

Sweet fizzy drinks have scored 3.29 points. Regular consumption of these drinks not only causes addiction, but also dramatically changes your metabolism. Doctors say that if you drink soda every day at least for one month, it will be enough to significantly reduce your metabolism.

French fries

French fries causes a strong addiction, however, the guiltiest part of it is acrylamide. It is interesting that this product does not give a sense of satiety. 30-40 minutes after eating French fries, you will want to eat again. The point is that fries stimulate appetite.


According to Yale-point scale it collects as much as 3.73 points. Chocolate stimulates the center of pleasure in your brain and blocks your control, so you eat more than you intend. The problem about chocolate is that it contains refined carbohydrates and caffeine.


The leader of the list is pizza. According to Yale scale it has collected 4.01 points. It turns out that fat, salt and a lot of refined carbohydrates stimulates the pleasure center of the brain the most. It is even more addictive than sweets or fries.

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