Why you should start your morning with a glass of water with honey?

Nutritionists recommend starting your day with a cup of warm water. It activates digestive system, and prepares your body for a new day. Often they suggest flavoring your water with lemon and honey. However, only water with honey sounds rather odd, isn’t it? But can it really be useful to us? According to researchers, this drink protects against various diseases and strengthens the immune system.

Your skin will become brighter

Honey is a natural antioxidant that helps cleanse your body and has antibacterial effects. It literally makes your skin glow. In addition, you can use honey externally to scrub and moisturize lips, treat blotches, or add to your face mask.

Honey boosts immunity

Honey has excellent body-enhancing properties. Make sure you buy a natural, high-quality honey. IT contains enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances that help overcome many diseases in autumn.

Honey heals sore throat

Honey is a natural products that helps to reduce infections, treats cough and other diseases.

Goodbye, toxins!

Do you want to cleanse your body? Here is an easy and delicious way to do it. Water with honey is great for detoxification. IF you add one or two of slices of lemon, the effect will be even greater.

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