How to get rid of stress in one minute?

Are you looking for methods and techniques how to relax? Yoga, relaxation or maybe cleaning your body? It may help a lot but you have to agree that you will have to wait for a long time until you feel a possitive impact. So are there any methods to get rid of stress in a minute? Here are a few way:

Eat prunes

Always keep a pack of prunes in your bad or at work table drawer. Prunes have lots of magnesium which reduces stress. They are also a great source of energy and helps to produce a hormone of happiness – serotonin. However, don’t overeat as this may affect your weight.

Hug someone

Embraces help to feel more possitive. SO feel free to hug any of your friends of family and be grateful to have them. All this is just a great expression of sincerity.

Breathe deeply

Find a quiet place, close your eyes and try to breathe as deep as you can, exhale as much of air as you can. Try to think about good things that you really like. Stay like this for a minute and you will see the effect.

Therapy of laughter

Laugh as much as you want. At work during breaks chat with your coleagues about fun things, read some funny jokes, look at some hilarious pictures and so on. Do anything that make you laugh and your mood will get better very quickly.


You can exercise even at your worklace. Extend your arms up to feel a slight stretch. Let your eyes relax from computer. Comb your hair. This will make you feel more beautiful and commonly when you look good, you feel good.


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