How to Quit Smoking?

Many people think they can quit smoking at any time – at least until they have tried. The truth is, smoking is a very difficult thing to quit, and there are many reasons why this is so. These reasons range from physical addiction to psychological addiction and there are even social workings involved in the process. You may comprehend the fact that quitting smoking is what needs to be done, but this is far from enough to actually go through with it – once the craving hits, logic is done for. Under such circumstances it is very helpful to have a system, a set of rules, which help facilitate quiting. 

 This article is meant to provide guidelines for such a system, it consists of 8 points:

1. Realize, that each time you quit may be different, and it also differs from person to person, so just have patience and do it one step at a time.

2.  Don’t set yourself any deadlines: the process is done only once you have no urge to light up a cigarette. Focus on your diminishing cravings if that helps.

3. Avoid things that ruin your mood or stress you out – less of those kinds of situations means less situations where you find the need to remedy them with cigarettes.

4. Avoid alcohol as much as possible: i personally know many people who were successfully quitting and came back to smoking after having drunk a couple of beers. This is because the human mind associates drinking with smoking, thus making it much harder not to smoke while drinking.

5. Maintain a healthy diet. This is essential in removing toxins from your body.

6. Do NOT negotiate with yourself. You are not “only going to smoke 1 cigarette a day and that’s it”. 

7. Rely on the support of your friends and close ones – this is crucial in resisting temptation.

8. Always remind yourself the reasons why you are quitting cigarettes, this will keep you motivated.

Quitting will be difficult, but these 8 rules will make it just a little bit easier. 



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