Love heals wounds

Scientists have made a sensational discovery – love lowers blood pressure, helps to recover from depression and heals wounds. Professor of psychology from Birmingham University says that love overcomes stress. A partner is guaranteed to receive emotional support, people who are in love pay more attention to training and eating healthy.

Arthur Aaron, psychologist of Stony Brook University has scanned people brain at different stages of being in love in order to understand how love affects humans. It appears that brain produces dopamine, which encourages motivation and satisfaction. The feeling is even compared to the feeling after you win in a lottery or use cocaine!

Simple embrace or holding hands make our bodies produce oxytocin, a hormone that reduces the amount of stress hormones, also lowers blood pressure, improves mood and reduces sensitivity to pain. People who are in love get their wounds to heal quicker.

The opposite effect appears when people break up. It is strongly related to getting ill or making your illness worse.


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