Did you know that lavender is a great antidepressant?

Australian researchers have reported that disturbed emotional state can be treated not only with a help of medications. Anxiety disorder can be perfectly treated by well-known plant lavender. It helps to get rid of the irrational fears and generally calms human feelings down.

The researchers have proved that people, who use products with lavender, feel the lowest level of anxiety disorder. Meanwhile, those patients taking antidepressants or placebo during the research, has a higher level of anxiety. The study has taken ten weeks, and it included over 500 patients who have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

The results of the research have surprised the experts quite a lot. A group of people taking medicines with high amount of lavender has reduced anxiety disorder by 14 points, while those who were taking antidepressants – only by 11 points.

Researchers think that lavender has special properties, which may affect chemical processes occurring in the brain. This refers to the processes that cause fear and anxiety state. In addition, the lavender has other positive qualities. Researchers have found that lavender is very beneficial to the nervous system. It is also to treat pneumonia and laryngitis. Since ancient times lavender oil has been used to solve sleep problems.

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