How to fall asleep in one minute?

Mental and physical fatigue are not the same. It may be quite easy to fall asleep when you are physically tired, but mental fatigue really hinders to sleep well. If you are sensitive and feel excited easily, you must have noticed that sleep becomes a true luxury before an important day: no rest, no relaxation.

If you want to fall asleep easier, it is necessary to regulate your heart rhythm. If you manage to slow down the rhythm of your heart, the level of adrenaline will be reduced too. There is a way to do it, which is called “4-7-8” by Indian yogis. Here is the exercise:

  1. Within 4 seconds breathe in calmly through the nose.
  2. Hold your breath for 7 seconds.
  3. Breathe out through the mouth within 8 seconds.

This method is effective and not only it helps to fall asleep faster, but also it helps to quickly tame your emotions and thoughts “in their shelves.” Try it and you will see how magical it is.

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