More and more women have started to die from lung cancer

Everyone knows that smoking is a very unhealthy habit which causes one of the most serious illnesses – lung cancer. For years it has always been considered that this type of cancer is a men prerogative. However, according to the “News of the World” magazine, doctors have recently revealed that more women than men have started to die from this disease. According to the newest research, the lowest level of lung cancer deaths is in Scandinavia region. Additionally, in all European countries, if we would compare women with men, stays a steady and similar increase of deaths caused by it.

Among men, in some European countries, like Hungary, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Ireland, Bulgaria, Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, lung cancer mortality level has surprisingly been noticed to be decreasing, while among the women it stayed the same. During the period of the test, in Portugal these results have been still increasing and only Great Britain’s non-smoking campaigns seems to be successful because there death rate from lung cancer has decreased among the both sexes.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world and the lung cancer is the first of diseases linked to smoking. Previously, this illness was considered as the epidemic, usually spreading among men. However, now lung cancer caused mostly by smoking is the same epidemic among women.

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