How our food can affect our sleep?

Food has a significant impact on high-quality sleep. Apparently, a lot of people know how hard it is to sleep at night, especially if you eat unhealthy or fatty foods before going to bed. And in the morning it can be even more difficult – we feel lazy, tired, and irritable. Indigestible products can lead not only to poor performance and increased body weight, but also the development of insomnia. So how to avoid restless nights?

Starch and a good night’s sleep are incompatible. You will find starch in pasta and rice. You can enjoy these foods occasionally and only if you don’t have any problems with weight. If you suffer from overweight, it is better to give up on this food for dinner and generally reduce the amount of starch you eat on daily basis.

Caffeine is hiding not only in coffee. Most of us cannot imagine the morning without a cup of coffee. In the evenings, we usually refuse it to avoid caffeine, but we tend to forget that you can also find caffeine in sweet, carbonated soft drinks. Green and black tea are also stimulating, so instead you should choose chamomile or mint tea.

So what should we eat for dinner, and what is better to leave the morning?

You should have your dinner around 3 hours before sleep. Dinner food should not be heavy and greasy, but fasting is also not the best choice, because at night you will begin to feel hungry. Apparently, the question is what to eat? Choose salads, fish, low-fat fried meat or fruit salad with yoghurt. And if you exercise in the evening, eat foods that are rich protein: lean cottage cheese, lean meat, nuts, buckwheat, oats and so on.

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