Lack of sleep – a straight road to extra weight

Our lifestyle leads to as much as 50 percent of our health, while genetics and environment make 20 percent. And only 10 percent remains for medicine and health care. The World Health Organization figures are often ignored, people do not take responsibility of their health.

Even without thinking what happens in the human body while sleeping, from the experience we all know if we sleep well, we are much more productive the next day. Sleep duration is very individual. It is considered that a needed sleep duration, as well as certain sleep disorders are associated with heredity. Modern sleep theory states that the most important indicator of quality sleep is a feeling when a person gets up and feels rested.

Sleep occupies a crucial role in the immune system, metabolism, memory, learning and other important activities. Even a lack of one hour of sleep a day can lead to weight changes. If you do not sleep well constantly, you can gain one kilo of extra weight every 20 days.

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