Nutrition in fall

Do you know what you should eat in fall? This is a very important question because our health in winter depends on what we eat in fall. Here is what it is recommended to eat in fall.

Pumpkins are simply amazing vegetables. They can be cooked in various ways – boiling, frying, blending, adding to salad, soups and so on. Start your morning with a bowl of oatmeal with pieces of pumpkin, add some honey and you have a delicious meal full of vitamins. Such breakfast will ensure that you will not get hungry until lunch time without even snacking.

It is also worth adding bell peppers to your diet. They are full of vitamins, they are very tasty and filling. Add bell peppers to your soups, salad and stews.

If you want something sweet, eat grapes and pears. These products are a great source of energy. The sweeter the pears are, the more benefits they have for your heart. Add some grape juice to your diet. It is great for your nervous system.

Do not skip watermelons and melons. Watermelon juice provides body with easily absorbed sugars and helps to remove toxic substances. Melons are known to calm nervous system.

When the weather gets cool, you want to warm up, so it is recommended to drink tea with mint, cranberries, rowan, and various herbs. These drinks not only warm up, but also strengthen your immune system.



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