Essential oils instead of perfume

Which woman doesn’t want to smell good perfume? The reality is that they are really expensive and as it’s not the most important purchase we often don’t have enough money for that. However, there is a solution – essential oils.

You can find essential oils in natural food stores or simply order them online. Before you buy essential oils, make sure the oil is made from natural materials. Natural essential oils are produced from plants and aroma derives from the plant itself. For example, lemon scent derives from lemon free.

Synthetic oils are also produced from vegetable sources but they do not smell as original plant. Synthetic lemon scent can derive not from lemon, but geranium!

Man-made oils which are also known as fragrance oils are made from petrochemicals.

Essential oils are very strong so use them carefully. Potent oils can irritate your skin, so you should dilute them before using. Also add a few drops of vegetable oil of vodka before using essential oils as perfume.

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