How much should you eat when pregnant?

Pregnant women need only 300 more calories per day comparing to not pregnant woman. That is approximately calories of half a liter fat milk or sandwich with tuna. So choose carefully what you eat, if you don’t want to put on some kilos. Avoid fast food, fat meals and instead choose fresh and healthy products. Moreover, stop counting the calories. If you eat healthy food you can consume a bit more calories.

Which nutrients are the most important now?

Protein, calcium and iron are three essential elements needed for normal baby’s development.

You need approximately 70 grams of protein per day. Eat lean meat, eggs, dairy products, nuts, beans and soy products, for example, tofu. Fish is also a great option.

In order to protect against anemia you should get 27 mg of iron per day. Iron in animal products is absorbed much easier than the one of plants. If you are a vegetarian and you cannot eat meat, replace it with spinach and lentils. It may be difficult to get all necessary amount of iron with food so you can also think about getting iron supplements. By the way, vitamin C promotes better absorption of iron. So don’t forget eating fruits rich in vitamin C, for example, citrus fruits, strawberries, etc. Drink fresh orange juice.

You need to get 1000 mg of calcium per day. Drink at least a glass of milk per day, eat yoghurt, cottage cheese, etc. calcium is necessary for formation of bones and teeth of the baby. If a baby will feel a lack of calcium it will take it from you which is not good.


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