If you were diagnosed with breast cancer

Statistically, one out of eight women will experience breast cancer. This disease is the most common causes of death among young women. Here are some tips that will help you, if you were diagnosed with breast cancer.

Do not panic

Breast cancer diagnosis does not mean the death sentence. Cry as much as you need and then pinch yourself in the hands and embark on a journey through cancer. Do not focus on a fight, focus on a journey, no anger and struggles. After all, the journey consists of difficulties and beautiful moments.


Listen to as many medical opinions about the possible treatment methods. Do not listen to all kinds of frightening stories, how terrible cancer is. If you decide to choose alternative medicine as the main treatment, before this, consider traditional medicine treatments. Also check out the possible consequences of alternative treatment. After all, there is no evidence that such treatment is effective and really works. Alternative health enhancement techniques – diet, meditation, yoga, herbal preparations, can and must be in addition to the formal treatment, but not a substitute for it.

Do not close yourself

Find at least one trusted friend or friends, to whom you can reveal your emotions, fears, cry together and laugh. Do not close yourself at home and do not hide from healthy population. Do not stop your life, how you lived before. For instance, continue to go to the movies, theatre, do not abandon other beloved activities as much as health permits. The disease does not have to close you at home, you do not have to be ashamed of it. You did not do anything wrong, so you have every right to walk among healthy ones and enjoy life. Do not pay attention to those ignorant eyes, which, unfortunately, you will have to face.

Write a blog

When written, fear and anxiety are at least reduced, so writing is a great psychotherapy. If you cannot cope with your emotions, do not be ashamed to seek help from a psychologist.

Find out what brings joy for you

Do not question “why me?”. Such behavior has not helped anyone. Better see what can provide small joys even in the darkest moments. For example, take your favorite cup to remind cozy moments at home to the hospital, watch comedies, read entertaining books, ask your friends to treat you in the same way as before the illness.  Warn friends that if necessary they would let you cry, not hinder you from negative emotions and fears of disclosure, however, try not to let it happen on permanent basis.


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