Is it safe to work out during pregnancy?

Before exercising you must consult your doctor. Maybe you shouldn’t do it because of the situation of your health. If your pregnancy goes smooth, exercising can help you feel better and maintain a stable body weight. Also, it gives extra energy and strengthens your muscles at the same time preparing your body for childbirth.

How to start exercising?

If you doctor allowed you to exercise, you can start with small workouts and gradually increase the time and intensity of them. If you feel tired, you should reduce intensity of your workouts. If you were working out before pregnancy, it can be easier. However, do not overdo it.

What sport is the best for pregnant women?

Choose something that does not require using extra weight. Swimming or working out on elliptic trainer is what you need. Walking and aerobics is also an appropriate option.

What precautions should be followed?

Avoid exercises that increase the risk of falling or getting an injury. Even a slight punch to your abdomen can be dangerous. After the third month of pregnancy, you should avoid exercising lying on your back as the weight of the baby can impair blood circulation. Also avoid standing for a long time.

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