10 all-time worst diet advice

10 all-time worst diet advice

Although you cannot believe everything you read on the internet or hear from your friends, many of us really have tried a variety of diet advice without knowing the slightest evidence that these tips can actually be effective.

1. Do not eat fats. It all depends on the type of fat. Fat in fast food and unhealthy snacks in fact make you gain weight. However, not the fat that is in fish, nuts, avocados, poultry and lean meat.

2. Eat 1/2/3 times a day. Eat at least three times a day, but only eat when you are hungry. Eat in small portions so you would actually get hungry and want to eat more often instead of eating just couple of times per day.

3. Do not snack on if you want to lose weight. If you are hungry, make sure you have snacks. Hunger shows that your body needs more energy. But choose only healthy snacks and try to eat small portions – a handful of nuts, a cup of natural yoghurt, an apple or so.

4. Count your calories. Not all calories are equal. Our body experiences completely different processes eating an apple or a piece of cake even though the number of calories can be the same.

5. Give up carbs. Our body needs both proteins and carbohydrates, and even fats.

6. Work out when your stomach is empty because this way you will burn more calories. This is not true. Exercising with an empty stomach is not related to the number of calories you burn.

7. Eat every two hours in order to speed up metabolism. Metabolism is not slowed down if you eat every 6-8 hours. By eating every 2 hours, even if you are not hungry will just increase your appetite and you will consume more calories than you need. Unless you are eating in very small portions.

8. Make sure to refuse pizza, chips, chocolate, etc. You don’t need to refuse any of these foods in order to be slim. Just make sure to eat very little portions of such food and don’t eat it every day.

9. Try to consume as little of calories as possible. If you consume too little calories, your body will start to save energy and your metabolism will slow down.

10. Sweet fruits will make you fat. Fruits are rich in sugar, but they also contain many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. They also improve digestion. Refined sugar will make you fat, but not sweet fruits.


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