10 reasons to quit smoking

10 reasons to quit smoking

There is a huge list of diseases caused by smoking. However, for smokers it’s not that easy to give up cigarettes. In order to make it easier, you should motivate yourself and prove that your life will get better without cigarettes. Smoking is not only physical but also psychological dependance which becomes bigger with years. Here are 10 reasons why you should quit smoking:

1. It will restore the sense of smell and taste. Smokers cannot enjoy many foods because they feel the taste and smell much worse. If you smoke for a long time, you may need 3 or 6 months to get them completely back. However, this will definitely improve your life quality.

2. You will protect your skin against premature aging. Everybody cares about beautiful skin and remaining young as long as possible. Skin of smokers has a worse uptake of oxygen so it loses elasticity.

3. Social adaptation. It used to be stylish to smoke. However, now there are lots of bans for smokers. They are banded to smoke in restaurants, discos. Some employers don’t want to have smokers in their offices.

4. Your health will improve. You will reduce the risk to develop cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer and other illnesses. Probably you will solve problems with your stomach. Smokers often complain about reflux.

5. You will save money. Smoking is an expensive pleasure. Try to count how much you spend on cigarettes in one week. What about one year? Maybe it’s more worth to save these money for holidays?

6. You will have a better smell. Your clothes and hair will not smell like cigarettes anymore. Smokers usually don’t feel that but once you quit, you will notice that.

7. You will sleep better. Most of the smokers sleep worse than non-smokers. Lack of sleep decrease the quality of your life.

8. Your life expectancy will be extended for 6-8 years. Think about how much you can do during this time.

9. You will look more attractive. Smoking affects your teeth, hair skin. But you can avoid that!

10. You will not harm others health. Thing about your family, friends and all who get affected although they don’t smoke.



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