10 small tricks that will help you to lose weight

10 small tricks that will help you to lose weight

Here are 10 tricks that will help you to get rid of the weight that you gained during the winter. They are effective even without a special diet or exhaustive workouts. Although the it’s best to combine everything at once.

1. Start with salad. This way you will eat less of your main course. Scientists have estimated that if you start your lunch with a plate of salad, you will consume 10 per cent less calories throughout the day.

2. Two starters. Try ordering two appetizers instead of the main course. For example, 2 servings of salad are a nutritious and healthy food. This way you will avoid high doses of fat, that you would definitely get if you eat steak or stew.

3. Walk while you are talking on the phone. Make it a habit to go out to the corridor from your office if someone calls you on the phone. This way you won’t disturb your colleagues and burn some calories at the same time. If you walk for 10 minutes every day, you will burn 1000 calories per month which means that after 1 year you will lose 1.5 kg.

4. Beware of coffee. If you drink espresso without sugar, it’s not a big deal. But a cup of cappuccino in the afternoon is quite a big sin. Many coffees that you can buy in the restaurant or bar contain almost the same amount of calories as your lunch.

5. Don’t forget nuts. A handful of nuts every day is a great way to enhance your health and lose weight. Nuts are rich in healthy fats and proteins. It’s a great replace for fatty sweets.

6. Stand up. Sitting for one hour you burn around 100 calories, while standing – 140!

7. Sleep better, lose weight faster. A lack of sleep increases the concentration of stress hormone cortisol in the body. This hormone provokes appetite and hunger. Make sure you sleep well at least for 7 hours.

8. Drin water. Our body often mixes hunger with thirst. Instead of grabbing some snacks, drink a glass of water.

9. Eat an apple before your lunch and dinner. One apple contains approximately 5 grams of fibers. Fiber promotes a feeling of satiety.

10. Dental hygiene. It is not only important to have healthy teeth but it also in order to prevent yourself from overeating. If you brush your teeth every time you eat something it will make it easier to resist unnecessary snacks. Mint tooth paste reduces appetite. Besides you will be tired of brushing your teeth each time you eat.



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