10 tips for those who start jogging

10 tips for those who start jogging

1. Jogging has to be long but nice and friendly to your body. Don’t forget that it may take long to make jogging your habit.

2. Relax and don’t rush even if you want to run faster. Later on you will learn how long and how fast you can jog.

3. Avoid extremes. Listen to your body and do not overload your muscles and especially your heart. However, don’t be too good for yourself either. The first months are the most difficult so you have to force yourself a little bit. Later on everything goes much easier.

4. Dress warmer clothes in order to swaet more. Sweating accelerates purification of the body.

5. Put your feet properly. First, your heel should touch the ground, then an outer part of your feet and finally your big toe. If you don’t put your feet on the ground correctly, your joints and internal organs get unnecessary load.

6. Do not tense other muscles exept your legs. Eventually you will learn to relax your legs at some moments too. Your spine has to be straight. Relax your arms and neck.

7. When jogging, look directly to the horizont or slightly above. If you look down, your body will strengthen much slower.

8. It is better for the bigginers to jog alone. This wau you will learn how fast you can jog and for how long.

9. Listen to the music when jogging. It’s not only much more fun, but also more useful. Make sure to choose proper music. This will help you to maintain the same intensity of your workout and your mood will be much more positive.

10. Make sure to rest after jogging. Lay down and put your feet a bit higher.



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