15 tricks that will help you to lose weight

15 tricks that will help you to lose weight

1. Start your morning with a glass of warm water with lemon. This way you will activate your digestive system and prepare it for work.

2. Don’t forget the benefits of cold shower. It reduces cellulite.

3. Eat breakfast. If you don’t feel hungry, start with 2 tables spoons of oat meal. Soon you will get used to eating breakfast.

4. Peppermint tea is one of the biggest helpers to lose weight. If you want to eat something sweet, get a sip of peppermint tea and this should suppress your appetite.

5. Have a slice of pineapple before your lunch. It will help you to burn fat.

6. Drink a glass of still mineral water 30 minutes before eating. It will also suppress your appetite.

7. Tomato juice is another great drink to have before your meal. It has very little calories and fills in your stomach.

8. Use more spices. They increase your metabolism.

9. If you cannot eat without sweets, try to eat all of them until 11 a.m. This way you will burn all these calories throughout the day.

10. If you want to lose weight, eat your fruits until 4 p.m. Nutritionists claim that if you eat them later, they will be turned into fat.

11. Apply a lipstick on your lips after eating. This will stop you from snacking. Men can use a lip balm.

12. Brush your teeth after each meal. This will also stop you from having snacks.

13. Reduce the amount of butter on your bread. This way you can save lots of calories.

14. Drink before you eat and try not to drink at least one hour after your meal.

15. The portion of your food should fit your palm. If you eat more than that, your stomach will expand and later it will always ask for more food.



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