3 exercises helping to improve vision

3 exercises helping to improve vision

Vision is one of the most important senses. It helps us understand the world and understand it. However, constant sitting at a computer or TV screen results in progressive weakness and makes us visit an ophthalmologist and buy stronger glasses or contact lenses. In some cases the situation is completely hopeless and may even require a surgery (laser correction). To avoid this, you can try alternative methods to improve the vision. Which one of them is the most effective? 


Palming is also very important for our eyes health. It has been approved to help to relieve muscle tension and other unpleasant feeling. For it, you just need to sit down, relax and use your hands to cover your eyes closed so that you couldn‘t see the light. Don‘t press! Sit in such position for 5 minutes and repeat this exercise for 3-5 times or whenever your eyes are tired.

Solar therapy.
It has been proved that retina performs its functions best in a daylight. If you do not see the sun, retina becomes extremely sensitive. Instead of constantly blinking and wearing sunglasses, you should try to reduce the sensitivity to light. For that you can try solar therapy. Start with closing your eyes and pointing your face to the sun light. Try to relax the eye muscles as much as you can and wait until the flicker disappears. Repeat this for 2-3 times. 

Eye exercises.
Everyone is well aware that regular training can be not only fun but useful as well. Different exercises help to normalize blood pressure, strengthen the heart, slow down aging processes in the brain and nerve cells. All this activity is also important for our eyes – eye muscles can also develop at the same time as coordination and flexibility. Experts highly advise to continue blinking exercises, actively move the eyeballs or simply focus on various items on the table.


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