3 healthy eating rules you should break

3 healthy eating rules you should break

Trying to have an ideal figure, it is sometimes becomes useful to “cut off” the corners and ignore some of the classic rules of healthy eating. Moreover, when breaking these rules, you will lose … only pounds!

1. Eat 5-6 times a day.
In reality, you need to calculate only the total daily amount of calories you consume during a day. According to one study, women who ate three meals a day, but taken into account the calorific value, weighed the same just like those women who ate more frequently. So, eat as many times as you need. Most importantly, consume the required amount of carbohydrates and protein on your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

2. Eat 5-6 servings of vegetables and fruits a day.

In fact, in order to achieve the required rate of fruits and vegetables, it is not necessary to eat only apples or lettuce. Fruit servings can be replaced by fruit paste and vegetables – by vegetable soup or other dishes. According to nutritionists, vegetable soup is delicious and rich in fiber. For example, one portion of vegetables is 150 g of mashed potatoes, a cup of broccoli soup or 30 grams of humus. Do not remove potatoes and other starch-rich vegetables, such as corn or beets. They don’t increase your weight –  that’s a myth!

3. Avoid fatty foods.

Indeed, not all fat is bad for your figure. Do not avoid the ‘good’ fat, such as vegetable oils and nuts because their deficiency can lead to obesity. According to the survey, women who take recommended dose of fat (35 % of the energy) gets rid of more weight than those who diet without the fat. However, you should definitely remove from your menu fast food, French fries and margarine. Cream and other vegetable fats should be used in moderation. 


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